Saturday, 15 December 2012

Now I can go on holiday!

I have finally approved the proof for But a Dream.  So now it will be available in paperback as well as eBook for within a few days.

This is book number three in my series, Southhill Sagas, and is the last of the five completed so far to get published as a paperback.  For some reason I had incredible problems with the formatting, which I didn't have with the others.  This book is in three section, at the start of each of which is a quotation.  (Tightrope has a quotation at the start of every chapter but gave no such problems).  For reasons not understood by me till recently the last line of the quote in Section two went to the left instead of being centred.  I tried and I tried and I tried but it took my wonderful computer teacher to show me that there were some hidden spaces between lines three and four - she says when the computer sees spaces it sees a brick wall.  She said I appeared to have used the space bar at some stage.  I hang my head in shame - I hadn't realised what a dreadful crime I had committed - truth to tell I wasn't even aware that I had used the space bar but the evidence is there!  

Then the page numbers kept going awry as did the headings with Title and Author's Name, as found in the templates supplied by Create Space.  In the end I looked at several books and see that none of the modern books have Title and Author's Name as headings so I deleted them all.  I wish I had done the same with the others, but it's too late now!  Then every time I checked a proof I found something wrong again - like a blank page suddenly inserted seemingly for no rhyme or reason but apparently all something to do with gremlins who sneak in and use the dreaded spacebar. 

It has taken me over two weeks since I thought I had finished the formatting, (and 19 (!) versions uploaded) but now it's done!  No more hassles.  All five up and running, and available to be bought as Christmas presents - that's the rationale for getting them all up now, anyway.  So no more formatting till I finish the next one and I'm only on chapter three so that will be a couple of months away at least.

 Now I can relax, wrap some presents, do some last minute shopping, pack our clothes and on Tuesday morning we're off to Singapore! Can't wait! Catch you in the New Year when we get back.

To anyone reading this I wish you a very Blessed Christmas and a happy and successful 2013.

I leave you with a delightful clip my sister sent me

Till next time:)

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