Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I'm back!  Actually we got back from a wonderful holiday (Singapore and Borneo) just over a week ago but we have workmen at the house and a new puppy and the combination is not conducive to getting on with anything normal.  I haven't written anything or done any exercise at all, apart from dog walking, for a whole month.

It's now Monday morning and I'm raring to go.  I intend starting my exercise program again (slowly this time as I have a bad track record of starting such things too fast and ending up so stiff and sore I can't move for the next few days.  It's very important that I get myself fit and in shape as I have a BIG school reunion - no I'm not telling which one - coming up in March) and getting back into my writing routine.  While I haven't written a word I have been pondering at odd times, so once I get going it should all run smoothly.  (That tapping sound was just me knocking on wood). 

It's a wonderful time of year here in Cape Town - this year we have not one but two open air Shakespeare productions - last Friday we went to see Cardenio, billed as Shakespeare's 'lost play' and supposedly a reworking of a collaboration between Shakespeare and Fletcher - well whoever it was we thoroughly enjoyed it, then next week Midsummer Night's Dream which is so well suited to the beautiful Maynardville setting.  It's also the season for the open air concerts at Kirstenbosch - just magnificent with the mountain backdrop.  Being summer before all of these it's picnic time, my favourite way of eating so I'm a very happy bunny, just not very productive at the moment.

2013!  Can you believe that we're already into the second half of the first quarter of the twenty first century?  It seems just the other day we were all worrying about the Millenium Bug destroying all our computers,  then this time last month so many thought we had only a week to go, but it seems the Mayans weren't infallible either and we soldier on.  Onwards and upwards, stopping to smell the roses on the way.

Till next time :)

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