Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Number Five up and running, well almost

I managed to finish Rock-a-Bye Baby, and have spent several days proofing and editing it. (I do a lot of that by reading aloud – amazing what typos slip by otherwise).   It is now ready for Amazon except for the cover which I am hoping to get back today or tomorrow.   This means I will have five books available! 

And of course I have started on number six.   I’m only on chapter 2, so very early days yet but it’s all coming together.  It’s the first completely new book I have written in about eighteen months.  I had Fisherman’s Dream and Rock-a-bye Baby each about two thirds along then lost momentum.  After that I got disheartened trying to find a literary agent or publisher so abandoned the whole writing lark.  Then a couple of months ago I got fired up again.  So I made enquiries about Amazon and here we are.
Now I that I have my books ready it would be nice if I sold some – I had quite a lots of eBooks downloaded when they were free but only a little drip drip of eBook sales since.   It’s not even the money, though that would be nice, but for my self esteem, for validation of myself as a writer.   But I do need to make my books available to the right people, who would seem to be of Baby Boomer age, though not necessarily.    But then every now and then I stop and think what the hell?  If I enjoyed painting or drawing  I would paint or draw and not worry about selling the end product.    I enjoy writing, so?   

I am putting Puzzle, Fisherman’s Dream and Rock-a-Bye (if it’s ready but it should be) up for a free Kindle promo on Boxing Day.  My rationale is that people will have nice new Christmas Kindles and be dying to try them out.   The exposure is what I need; sales should start picking up after that (fingers crossed).  Depending on the response I thought I might try the same on New Year’s Day but will need to decide beforehand as I will be in Borneo between Christmas and New Year J 
Check out my Amazon author page if you are interested.  www.amazon.com/author/jennygill

I can’t sit here nattering all day.  Presents to be bought, presents to be wrapped, a dog to be walked, a dip to be prepared for a party tonight.  Onwards and upwards!

Till next time J

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