Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Back again, doing what I like best!

After all my whingeing and whining I have started a new book, putting the two that I was trying to work on simultaneously on the back burner.  I will get back to them in the fullness of time but not now. 
Now I am having fun; I’m excited about my new book.  It’s about a sixty year old woman whose husband leaves her for an OLDER woman, someone he plays bridge with.
Now I don’t always notice these things, preferring to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I do know that some of the clubs where I played bridge in England had all sorts of goings on.  I heard of someone who left his wife for his bridge teacher, and someone else who was found dead after a heart attack in his bridge partner’s house in the middle of the night –  which as you can imagine created a huge scandal, his wife knew nothing of it,  but apparently the relationship was common knowledge to ‘those in the know’ whose number did not include me.    Now I play at several bridge clubs in South Africa and I haven’t noticed any ‘extra table’ activity but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.
Anyway I am enjoying writing the book – as usual the characters take on lives, voices and personalities of their own and I just write it all down.   I think that’s what I find so exciting about writing – watching the story unfold.  
One of my little (?) peculiarities is that I can’t write unless I have a title first.  Not everyone is like that – my daughter was half way through the second draft of her book before she thought of a title.  But not me - so I can tell you the title of the book I started last weekend – it’s ‘A Season, and a Time’.  You will probably recognise the quote – it’s from the Bible, King James Version, Ecclesiastes,  Chapter 3 – ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven’.   To those of my generation it also has the words Turn, Turn, Turn but that doesn’t have any biblical origin, it was strictly added by  Pete Seeger when he made it into a song (which I had on an LP when I was a teenager).
I have some of my completed books available as freebies on Kindle over the Easter Weekend and am supposed to be trying to promote them but really I’d far rather write my new one.  I know I am supposed to be trying to sell books which seems ludicrous really  - the sort of people who write fiction are not the same sort of people who are successful marketers.  So I have made some half hearted attempts at listing them on various websites and will now go back to doing what I enjoy!
Till next time J

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